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Are you looking to buy a new blender online? Are you not sure which type or brand you should buy, or what features you require? Here at Buy Blenders we have put together reviews and guides to help you choose the right blender for your needs and budget.

Nowadays blenders are a common appliance in most kitchens. They are also an extremely functional tool. While in the past they may have had a more limited use, today’s blender models can often do so much more than just basic blending and chopping. It also means they can range in price from a cheap $20 up to well over $1,000 depending on power, features, accessories, build quality and the blender brand.

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Types Of Blenders

While a blender used to be just for blending and chopping food, there are now a number of different types of blenders with a whole range of uses. From traditional benchtop blenders to convenient stick blenders to portable smoothie makers, it is not uncommon for many people to have a couple of different blenders in their kitchens for particular uses.

  • Benchtop Blenders
  • Stick Blenders
  • Bullet Blenders
  • Smoothie Makers
  • Super Blenders

Benchtop Blenders

Benchtop Blender
A standard benchtop blender is a very useful kitchen appliance

A benchtop blender is your traditional kitchen blender. While they are usually the largest and heaviest blenders they are also the most powerful. If you need to blend a large quantity of ingredients a standard blender will usually be your best bet as they will have the largest volume jugs.

A new sub category of the benchtop blender is the super blender, which have even more powerful motors.

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Stick Blenders

Stick Blender
Stick blenders are also known as wand blenders, hand blenders and immersion blenders

Stick blenders, also known as hand blenders and immersion blenders, are smaller and lighter than a traditional benchtop blender. They have blending blades on the end of a wand, making them ideal for pureeing hot soup directly in the pot and whipping or emulsify directly in your cooking bowl. They are also great for small blending jobs such as baby food or sauces as they are quick, lightweight, small and easy to use with less to wash up after.

Sick blenders can be cheaper than traditional blenders, but in saying that there are still some powerful and feature packed models with lots of attachments that can be quite pricey. While generally used for blending in a pot or bowl, many stick blenders come with their own blending jugs and cups making them more of an all-round blending device for your cooking needs.

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Personal & Bullet Blenders

Bullet Blender
Bullet blenders are powerful single-serve blenders

Bullet blenders, also called single-serve blenders or personal blenders, are a fairly new category of blender. While often just as powerful, or sometimes even more so, than a benchtop blender, they take up less space both when using and storing. Their main design feature is that you blend your ingredients in the jug or cup that you will drink from. They also differ from a standard blender in that the blades are usually in a separate lid that goes onto the cup which is then turned upside down and placed onto the blender base unit. Bullet blenders get their name from their bullet shaped design.

While they are great for smoothies they can also be used for traditional blending in smaller quantities, with some even coming with larger blending cups to expand their use and making them a practical replacement for a larger traditional blender.

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Smoothie Makers

Smoothie makers are a type of bullet blender or single server blender. They are often designed simply for the purpose of making smoothies, so usually come with multiple blending / drinking cups and lids which you can take with you. There are many inexpensive smoothie makers available, but if you need more power to blend things such as ice or tough vegetables you might want to look at a more powerful bullet blender.

Super Blenders

If you are looking for heavy-duty blending you should consider a super blender or high performance blender. While looking the same as a standard benchtop blender, what sets a super blender apart (besides price) is their high-speed powerful motors. They can crush large amounts of ice, mill flour, make nut butters and spice pastes, chop and crush dry ingredients, blend and even cook soups, and liquify tough vegetables. Super blenders, such as those from Vitamix, are usually the most expensive blender models, but they are also usually from top quality brands, are at the forefront of blending technology and have a wide range of uses making them a versatile kitchen appliance.

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Buying Blenders Online

If you are in the market for a new blender then they are a great kitchen appliance to buy online. You can do all of your research into what blender will best suit your needs and your budget, and then find the best price from a range of trusted Australian retailers online. Because they are a small kitchen appliance shipping is often relatively inexpensive or even free from some retailers.

Make sure you take your time to consider all of the features and requirements you need before you buy a new blender. Then read our reviews and find the best prices online.

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