Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre Blender TNC 5200 C-Series

The Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre 5200, from the C series range, is a blender that will allow you to professionally and quickly carry out any task that you could wish a blender to do. The name comes from the fact that this blender has the power to puree the toughest foods and pulverise even the tiniest seeds or grains to release the total nutrition available.

Vitamix Total Nutrition Center Red
The Vitamix Total Nutrition Center is from the C Series range
With the legendary durability of all Vitamix blenders, this powerful machine is built to last. The sturdy motor and blade system incorporate metal to metal technology to efficiently transfer power and will last for years and years. The laser cut blades are made of toughened stainless steel and the containers are made from resilient BPA free Tritan copolyester with an ergonomic soft grip handle.

The controls are simple and so very easy to understand. The Total Nutrition Center has an On/Off switch, a Switch to choose between Variable or High speed and a simple rotating dial that lets you move through the 10 Variable speed settings. You can start off slowly, whizz it all up to the consistency you desire, and even add last minute ingredients, like fruit or nuts, then give them a quick chop to add texture and crunch to your recipe. The Total Nutrition Centre simply gives you total and complete control of a high performance blender!


  • Powerful – Has a sturdy high speed motor with a peak output of 2 horsepower to pulverise the toughest ingredients including raw foods, grains, seeds and nuts
  • Laser-Cut Blades – Extremely durable toughened stainless steel blades to puree, chop, grind or totally pulverise ingredients
  • Containers To Suit – Comes with a classic 2.00 litre wet jug; other sizes are available from the C-Series to purchase separately, including a 1.4 litre container, a 0.9 litre container and a special 0.9 litre dry grains container
  • BPA-Free – All containers are made from resilient shatter-proof Eastman Tritan Copolyester
  • Soft-Grip Handle – The containers have an ergonomically designed soft-grip handle
  • Measurements – Clearly visible engraved measurements on the side of the jugs
  • Spill-Proof Lid – A two part lid with a removable lid plug to allow ingredients to be added or the tamper to be used while blending
  • Speed Control – A switch to choose High or Variable Speed and a dial to vary the speed as needed
  • Hot Soups – The Vitamix TNC 5200 has enough power to create the friction needed as you blend to bring soups to the perfect serving temperature in as little as 6 minutes
  • Crush Ice – Can turn ice into snow
  • Thermal Protection – A cool running motor equipped with a radially cooling fan and thermal overload protection

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Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre Photos

Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre TNC 5200 Black
Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre TNC 5200 Black
Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre TNC 5200 Brushed Stainless Steel
Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre TNC 5200 White
Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre TNC 5200 Red
Vitamix Total Nutrition Center 5200 C Series Jug
Vitamix Total Nutrition Center 5200 C Series Base & Controls
Vitamix Total Nutrition Center 5200 C Series Blades

Total Nutrition Centre Pros & Cons

Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre Pros

  • Powerful high speed or super blender
  • Speed Dial with 10 variable speeds plus High Speed switch
  • Sturdy construction and extremely durable blades
  • BPA –free shatterproof jugs
  • Extra jugs in smaller sizes are available
  • Leak-proof lid with removable plug
  • Comes with the classic tamper
  • Recipe book and DVD
  • Overload thermal protection
  • 7 year warranty

Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre Cons

  • Quite noisy, but all super blenders are, at least with the Vitamix blending is very quick
  • Expensive, but the Vitamix motor and all parts are famously durable and come with along warranty for a kitchen appliance
  • Comes with only a 2.00 litre jug but you can buy a 1.4 litre and 0.9 litre containers which adds more expense

Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre 5200 Specifications


This Vitamix Classic C series blender, the Total Nutrition Center, model number TNC 5200 comes with an impressive 7 year warranty and has a recommended retail price of $895, however you can usually find this blender in the high $600 range with different colours marked down depending on popularity.

Model No.
TNC 5200
7 Years


A heavy duty motor and base unit combined with BPA-free Eastman Titan containers ensures that the Total Nutrition Centre High Performance Blender has the durability and versatility that you would expect from Vitamix. The blender is 52cm high, 18.5cm wide and 22.2cm deep and it weighs 4.79 kg. The classic C Series container that comes with the blender has a 2.00 litre capacity, but other sized containers are available. Four colours are available in Australia: brushed stainless steel, red, black and white. They all feature a power cord that is 1.8m long.

Vitamix includes a complimentary Recipe Book and a Getting Started DVD with each Total Nutrition Center so that you can get the best out of your new high speed super blender.

Blender Type
High Performance Super Blender
Dimensions (H x L x W)
52mm x 18.5mm x 22.2mm
Black, Brushed Stainless Steel, Red, White
Heavy duty metal to metal design
Jug/Beaker Material
BPA-free Eastman Tritan Copolyester
BPA Free
Accessories & Inclusions
Tamper, Recipe Book, Getting Started Guide DVD. Additional containers and jugs can be purchased separately.


The VITAMIX Total Nutrition Centre has the constant torque provided by its fan cooled motor to give superior performance with any blending task.

The Total Nutrition Centre is extremely versatile and allows the home cook to quickly performs tasks and achieve textures that professionals would expect. By using the variable speed dial and the two piece lid to add ingredients during the blending process you can vary texture and consistency and add delicious creations to your repertoire.

You will find that the tasks that your Vitamix TNC5200 can perform are virtually limitless and it will become your go to machine in the kitchen. Some examples of how you can use your Vitamix are:

  • Juices – turn whole foods into lump-free healthful juices retaining all of the nutrients and fibre without the fuss of peeling and chopping into little pieces
  • Sorbets and Ice-creams – create fresh wholesome sorbets and homemade ice-creams in seconds using frozen ingredients
  • Smoothies – use whole foods to create silky smooth nutritious smoothies
  • Soups- heat as you blend and make ready to serve hot soup in minutes
  • Blend- mix and blend batters, sauces, mayonnaise, and dressings
  • Puree- create super smooth or chunky purees, nut butters and baby foods
  • Chop – vegetables and cheeses can be chopped coarsely or finely
  • Grind – turn grains into gluten free flours, grind seeds, nuts, spices and even coffee beans
  • Crush Ice – turn ice into snow in seconds
  • Knead – knead dough for bread, dinner rolls or pizza bases

The Vitamix Total Nutrition Center has a solidly built 1200 Watts motor which has the torque to power through the toughest ingredients without stalling. It produces a peak 2 horsepower which is the mark of a super or high performance blender. The blades are made of laser-cut stainless steel, and the blade in the dry grains cup is especially engineering to grind hard seeds and grains.

Use the variable speed dial to adjust the speed as you blend, with 10 speeds to choose from, or a flick of a switch turns the blender to the maximum High Speed setting. The thermal overload protection will save your Vitamix from becoming overheated and the two part lid is designed to be spill-proof.

Accessories available are:

  • 1.4 litre container with wet blades
  • 0.9 litre container with hammermill wet blades
  • 0.9 litre Dry Grains container with Laser-cut, stainless-steel dry blades measuring 7.1-cm diameter
1200W (Peak Horsepower 2)
Blade System
Laser-cut stainless steel cutting and hammermill blades 7.6 cm diameter
Smoothie Function
Crush Ice
Variable speed or high speed
Pulse Mode
Safety Features
Thermal overload, spill proof lid

Total Nutrition Center Video

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Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre Blender TNC 5200 C-Series

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