Super Blenders

What is a super blender, high speed blender or high performance blender and what is the difference between a super blender and an ordinary blender?

Basically, it is power output. These high powered blenders will do what a typical household blender can do only better, smoother and faster and will generally outlast cheaper blenders. They will usually have a motor with a minimum of 1000 Watts and develops 2-3 horsepower and the blade tips can rotate at speeds up to 300 KPH.

Vitamix Ascent A2500i Super Blender
The Vitamix Ascent A2500i is a high performance super blender

This high power means that the blender blades will not stop or stall when they hit hard materials but power right through them. This will take your blending to a new level. Whereas a normal household blender will blend nicely but only truly liquefy very soft ingredients and chop others, a super blender will liquefy whatever you put in it. A super blender has the power to pulverise vegetables and fruits into a creamy smooth liquid, but can also turn ice into snow, grind coffee beans, puree almonds into almond milk and mill grains.

Super blenders are fast. You do not need to peel and chop up your ingredients into small pieces. They will be pureed, chopped or ground in only seconds.

Advantages of Super Blenders

  • Very fast
  • Purees foods to a silky smooth consistency
  • Pulverises, chops or grinds the hardest foods
  • Can cook as well as chop or puree
  • Durable with a long warranty
  • Can replace other machines such as a food processor, coffee grinder and even a mixer

Disadvantages of Super Blenders

  • Expensive
  • Can be loud

When the blades of super blenders spin at super high speeds in a small space, they produce heat. This will not make much difference when you blend for a short time, but if you want to keep your ingredients cold, add cold or frozen ingredients or just add ice. This generated heat allows you to make soups from raw vegetables completely in the blender by running for longer but still only for a few minutes.

Super or high powered blenders are more expensive than most benchtop blenders, but they are much more durable and have a longer warranty period. Vitamix offers a 10 year warranty. With high performance blenders the whole unit is designed from heavy duty materials and built for high speed and efficiency. The jugs on super blenders are made to withstand blending hard ingredients at very fast speeds and withstand high temperatures.

Features of Super Blenders

Texture – A super blender will turn even raw foods into a luxurious smooth silky textured liquid without stings or chunks.

Raw Food – If you like raw foods and green smoothies, super blenders actually rupture the cells in vegetable matter and therefore make all of the nutrients available for digestion.

Fibre – Because the whole food is liquefied by a super blender, the fibre is retained and not removed, as in juicing, nor left in stings or unpleasant pieces as with lower powered blenders.

Heat – Super blenders can heat or even cook soups.

Power – High powered super blenders have the power to crush or pulverise the hardest ingredients.

Time – Super blenders are fast at blending items plus you don’t have to waste time peeling and dicing up your ingredients.

Durable – A quality super blender will outlast cheaper blenders.

Super Blender Uses

Super or high performance blenders can be used to:

  • Make smooth creamy silky textured smoothies from even raw unpeeled fruits and vegetables
  • Create steaming hot soup (over 70degrees C) from raw vegetables in less than 6 minutes
  • Make smooth nut butters
  • Mill flour
  • Shred or chop vegetables and fruits
  • Turn large amounts of ice into snow
  • Grind coffee beans
  • Turn nuts into nut milks
  • Powder dehydrated ingredients
  • Create spice pastes
  • Make dough and batters

What to look for when buying a Super Blender


The more power the better. A more powerful motor will deal with harder foods easier and in greater volume and give a smoother result. Look for a super blender with at least 1000 Watts.

Extra Jars & Jugs

Some blenders come with extra jugs, some for blending hard ingredients, some to make smaller amounts. Additional jug and jars of different sizes will allow you to use your blender for different tasks.

Speed Settings & Programs

Most super blenders offer multiple speed settings plus a pulse options. Some also offer pre-set programs.


A timer is helpful to avoid over-blending.

Ease of cleaning

Some super blenders may be cleaned by adding water and a little detergent and running for 30 – 60 seconds and some even have pre-set cleaning programs.

Dishwasher Safe

Make sure the jugs, jars or bowls are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Safety Features

Look for overheat and overload protection, child lid lock and jar sensor.


Most super blenders will have a good warranty so look for a long warranty period, up to 10 years.

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